Khazakstan welcomes 100 MW solar plant

A 100 MW solar power plant has been launched in the Almaty region near the city of Kapshagai, Khazakstan. The power plant will produce approximately 160 million KW of electricity and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 150,000 tonnes annually.

Built by Eneverse Kunkuat, a subsidiary of Singapore-based companies, the plant will support 303,000 solar panels across 400 hectares, as well as a 220 KW substation and a 220 KW high-voltage line.

“There is a shortage of electricity in the Almaty region. Therefore, such projects are needed. I can’t even believe that such an important and large project was implemented within one year. This is a great and joyful event,” said Kazakh deputy prime minister Zhenis Kassymbek.

Kassymbek confirms that this solar power station will increase the share of renewable energy 3 per cent by 2020 and 10 per cent by 2030.

According to The Astan Times, project will cost $71m, funded by investors and the Development Bank of Kazakhstan (DBK). Funds to build the high-voltage line were also garnered from the regional budget to the tune of $602,887, as part of the Business Roadmap 2020 programme.

“The Almaty region is actively developing in all directions. Many industrial zones are opening up, new enterprises are opening up. They all need affordable electricity. Therefore, the launched solar power station is an important object that will contribute to providing the region with electricity. In addition, the implementation of this project contributed to the creation of new work places, increased tax revenues to the budget and investments in the region. All this will positively affect the economy of the region, bringing benefits to the population,” said Almaty Region Akim (governor) Amandyk Batalov.

The power plant construction involved 11 domestic companies and created more than 500 jobs.

Kazakhstan has more than 70 alternative energy-generating facilities, of which more than 20 are located in the Almaty Region.

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