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Kenya to build microgrids totaling 1 MW

Enel Green Power has forged an alliance with Powerhive Inc. to build and operate mini-grids in 100 villages in Kenya. The project, which Powerhive developed, consists of a portfolio of solar mini-grids with a total installed capacity of 1 MW, to be built in the Western part of Kenya, in the counties of Kisii and Nyamira.

With an investment of US$12 million, 93% of which will come from Enel Green Power and 7% from Powerhive, electricity service will support critical community services such as health clinics and schools, providing a long term and scalable energy service to meet the current and future energy needs of its customers.à‚ 

Powerhive CEO Chris Hornor commented: ‘Emerging markets will require major investments in off-grid energy access during the next decade, and this partnership – which combines Powerhive’s proven mini-grid solutions with Enel Green Power’s capacities as a market leading renewables company – is a blueprint for meeting that unserved energy demand.’

Mini-grids will be an important part of western Kenya’s electricity infrastructure for decades to come, supplying the productive energy necessary for economic growth in the region.