Kàƒ¤rcher cleans up on energy efficiency with solar array

South Korea solar company Q Cells has supplied a 299.77 kWp commercial and industrial solar PV array at the UK headquarters of German cleaning equipment manufacturer Kàƒ¤rcher.

The solar system comprises 967 modules and was installed in seven days. Due to a lack of suitable storage space onsite, Q Cells supplied the solar modules to developer Solar Perfect in a split delivery.

Kàƒ¤rcher will utilise all the energy delivered by the system and Solar Perfect estimates that the array will mitigate the effects of 3.19 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Q Cells said in a statement that “the economics of C&I solar systems in the UK continue to make a compelling caseࢀ¦ the increasingly competitive cost of solar components means that PV offers an extremely low levelized cost of electricity.” 

Ross Kent of Q Cells in the UK said: “We are pleased to welcome Kàƒ¤rcher UK to the ongoing solar revolution that is really gathering speed in the C&I space of the UK. Despite the lack of government subsidies or support in this segment, we feel that solar will continue to represent an economically attractive option for companies wishing to reduce their energy bills and, of course, their carbon footprint.”

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