Japanese ‘mega solar’ projects underway

Four Japanese ‘mega solar‘ power projects are underway this week. à‚ 

Developer Orix Corporation, a financial services group, has announced that construction has begun on the projects in Yamaguchi prefecture.

In total, the plants will have a capacity of 25 MW, and are expected to power around 7000 households.

All four plants are planned to come online in early-to-mid 2016.

The 4883 kW Higashimizome plant will feature 19,152 photovoltaic panels and is expected to generate 5,567,760 kWh per year. It is planned to come online in January 2016. à‚ 

The 11,757 kW Motoyama plant will feature 69,160 panels and generate 13,598,170 kWh per year. It is scheduled for operation in July 2016.

The Shiraiwa plant, at 4056 kW, will have 15,906 solar panels and generate 4,266,910 kWh annually. It is planned to come online in February 2016.

And finally, the 4264 kW Ajisu plant, with 16,720 panels and planned annual generation of 4,852,070 kWh, is planned for commercial operation in March.

Orix said it plans to “actively pursue development of energy-related businesses such as renewable energy” in future.

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