Ivory Coast hydropower plant set to commence

A new 275 MW hydroelectric power plant in Ivory Coast is set to commence operations next month and be at full capacity in four months.

“We have finished construction of the dam ahead of our timeframe,” said Amidou Traore, director of power sector management agency CI-Energies which oversees the Soubre project.
Ivory Coast
Financed by a $500m low-interest loan from China’s Export-Import Bank in 2013, construction has been undertaken by Sinohydro.

Ivory Coast already has six hydropower stations and four more hydropower stations are due to be built in the West African economic powerhouse as part of a national policy to reach a capacity of 4,000 MW by 2020.

Ivory Coast, with its strong hydropower profile, already exports electricity to neighbours Ghana, Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo and Mali. It plans to extend the grid to Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone this year, Traore added, as part of a $50m expansion project.

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