Irish renewables to help power Britain by 2016

A $651m renewable energy storage reservoir proposed for north Mayo in Ireland could export 10 terawatt hours of “clean power” to Britain, according to its backers, providing the equivalent of 2 per cent of Britain’s electricity requirement by 2016, when the project is targeted for completion.

Export would require a strategic electricity grid link between north Mayo and Pembroke, Wales, and Eirgrid has offered to conduct a pre-feasibility study on the link in advance of a connection offer.

County Mayo has the highest available wind resource in Britain and Ireland, and the best wave-energy potential on the Atlantic seaboard, according to a Marine Institute study.

The Irish state’s ocean energy test site is in the county, and applications predict generation of up to 2000 MW of wind energy in the county, reports the Irish Times.

The proposed high-voltage underground DC transmission cable would involve a 500 MW tap link to the State’s grid at Dublin, and would cost an estimate $1.8bn to construct.

Marex 2016, as the project is called, could provide a minimum of 2 per cent of Britain’s total electricity requirement by 2016 at 1000 MW, to grow to 10 per cent by 2025, he forecasts.

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