Enel gp

In Chile, an innovative hybrid power facility, which combines renewables and a cogeneration system for electricity and hot water, will be capable of meeting most of the annual energy needs of the village of Ollague, near the Bolivian border.

Enel Green Power (EGP), the renewable energy arm of Italy’s Enel, has started construction of the facility, which comprises photovoltaics, a mini-wind turbine generator and a CHP system for producing both electricity and hot water for the village school.

It is expected to have an installed capacity of 232 kW and generate approximately 460 MWh a year, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 150 households.

Further, it will not be connected to the national grid and will also include a 520 kWh electro-chemical storage system.

According to EGP, local residents will finally be able to enjoy electricity 24 hours a day.

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