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innogy proves successful in Polish solar auction

Innogy SE has successfully entered the Polish solar market, after winning a tender from the Polish energy regulatory authority for the promotion of 42 renewable energy projects worth up to one megawatt (MW).

Thorsten Blanke, head of Solar at innogy SE: “A few years ago we decided to develop our own solar projects in Poland and thus to diversify our Polish portfolio in the field of renewable energies. Now we see the success of our engagement. The projects won are rather small in themselves, but they are arranged in groups (clusters) in order to make construction and operation more efficient.

“These projects are the first step in building a solar portfolio in Poland. We are very happy that we were able to secure an extensive development pipeline in the solar sector. The projects awarded are ready for construction, with the majority of the other projects in the pipeline having progressed so far that they can take part in the auction next year or the year after.”

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The 42 awarded projects were developed by innogy Renewables Polska. These ready-to-build projects with a total installed capacity of 42 MW, are located in the West Pomeranian, Pomeranian and Greater Poland Voivodeships.

Some of the systems are installed on the extremely light substructure system, called PEG, which lowers electricity generation costs and ensures that space is used much more efficiently. This innovative substructure was developed by the innogy subsidiary BELECTRIC.

Construction is scheduled to begin this year.

Image courtesy of innogy: BELECTRIC PEG system

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