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INFOGRAPHIC: Which country is leading the way in sustainability?

he World Energy Council has released its Energy Trilemma Index.à‚ 

The tool ,produced in partnership withà‚ Oliver Wyman, ranks countries on their ability to provide sustainable energy through 3 dimensions: Energy security, Energy equity (accessibilityà‚ and affordability), Environmental sustainability.à‚ 

The ranking measures overall performance in achieving a sustainable mix of policies and the balance score highlights how well a country manages the trade-offs of the Trilemma with “A” being the best.

Which country is leading the way in sustainable energy

Balancing the three goals constitutes a ‘dilemma’ and is the basis for a secure, affordable and environmentally sustainable energy system.à‚ 

The latest findings shows a clear trend towards Europe and North America being the most sustainable areas, with Denmark leading the way, with top marks across each three dimensions.

In fact, the Nordic countries dominate in the ranks for the world’s most sustainable countries, with Finland, Norway and Sweden all in the top 10.

The least sustainable countries include Benin, Nepal and Cambodia.

Meanwhile the UK finished 11 th in the rankings and neigbouring Ireland achieved 20 th position.

The sole country outside of Europe to make the top ten is New Zealand in 9th postion. Other notables include the US at 14, Canada at 22, Japan at 30, Russia at 45 and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at 47.

For more information on rankings go to World Energy Council data, which shows the tallies for 125 countries.

This infographic was provided courtesy of RS Components