Index shows Sweden leads the way on energiewende

Europe’s largest solar research institute has produced a new index, which shows Sweden tops the league table in terms of successful transition towards renewable power.

The Energy Transformation Index (ETI) was developed by Freiburg-Germany-based Fraunhofer ISE in cooperation with the International Solar Energy Society (ISES).

The data they compiled places Sweden at number one, followed by Brazil and Italy. Germany comes in fourth alongside Japan and the UK in the new index of 17 countries, which is currently only available in German.

The US, China and South Korea are in the last three positions of the 17-country survey.

Eicke Weber, head of ISE, told Renewables International that the index is the first time anyone has produced a methodology for a comparison of countries progressing towards an energy transition. “The ETI now allows us to put a number on a performance,” he explains.

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