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A report by Engineers Ireland has found that Ireland is missing out on the generation of both energy and jobs by continuing to neglect opportunities to develop waste-to-energy facilities.

The study, entitled The State of Ireland 2013 – a review of infrastructure in Ireland, states that exporting residual waste is not an outcome Ireland should rely on in the long term as it can only result in missed opportunities.
The report calls for the construction of more waste-to-energy facilities in Ireland stating that the lack of infrastructure means that Ireland has to pay for its hazardous waste to be exported. Waste to energy facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium and in Scandinavia generate electricity and heat from the waste as well creating green jobs for these economies.

Speaking at the launch of the report, John Power, Director General Engineers Ireland said, “Investment in economic infrastructure will always generate a positive payback and the reality is capital investment is vital to meet the Government’s desire to stimulate the economy.” The full report is available here to download.

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