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IBM India opts to cut emissions with on-site solar

An IBM data centre in India is making major inroads in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions through the use of solar power.

The company’s Bengaluru centre intends for its new install of solar photovoltaic panels as well as water cooling for air conditioning to cut its emissions by 40%.
The facility uses a 50 kW solar photovoltaic system that provides electricity to the data servers. The DC power generated by the solar panels is directly fed to the servers converting it into AC supply. This helps cut power losses by 15%, which, in turn, also cuts GHG emissions. Cold water flowing through the server mainframe takes away the heat generated by its various components.

The solar power system provides a free and virtually uninterrupted supply of electricity and offsets GHG emissions as well. Continuous power supply remains an issue even in Bengaluru, India’s IT capital.

An increasing number of companies are now looking to set up their own solar power plants ” rooftop or utility-scale ” to meet their demands. The need for this in-house generation has also stemmed from the expected trend of increasing electricity tariff.