Iberdrola, Vodafone Spain form multi-year 100% renewable energy alliance

Vodafone Spain

Vodafone Spain has signed a multi-year renewable power purchase agreement with Iberdrola.

Iberdrola will provide renewable energy to power 13,500 facilities operated by Vodafone Spain as from January 2021.

140GWh of the 540 GWh consumed by Vodafone per annum will be generated from renewables by Iberdrola and supplied to the telecommunications firm.

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Iberdrola will use its new €50 million ($56.3 million) 49 MW Puylobo wind project to generate the energy. The project will employ more than 120 professional jobs in the town of Borja, in Zaragoza, and will prevent the emission of 32,000 tons of CO2/year.

The remainder, 400 Gwh/year used by Vodafone Spain, will be supplied under another agreement that guarantees green energy through the delivery of the company’s Guarantee of Origin (GoO) certificates.

Vodafone Spain has pledged to purchase only 100% renewable energy by 2025 and to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50%.

Vodafone Espaàƒ±a will have complied with 75% of its objective to buy energy produced by renewable means in 2021.

Eduardo Insunza, Iberdrola’s director of large customers, said: “PPAs offer numerous opportunities to develop the renewable projects that are transforming the present and future energy in our country. These long-term energy purchase and sales contracts provide stability to investments and have also become an optimal tool for managing the electricity supply of large consumers who are committed to clean and sustainable consumption. They also demonstrate the competitiveness of renewables and their ability to supply energy at affordable, stable prices.”

Ismael Asenjo, managing director of Technology at Vodafone Espaàƒ±a, adds: “Our strategic framework as a company that is sustainable and responsible toward the planet requires that by 2025, all the electrical energy we purchase must come from renewable sources and we will have reduced our CO2 emissions by 50% compared to 2016-17. The energy used to operate the network accounts for more than 97% of our total consumption, so it is key to implement energy efficiency measures and establish agreements to purchase energy from renewable sources, such as the one we entered into today with Iberdrola.”

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