Spanish energy group Iberdrola has launched a start-up challenge to find innovative new solutions to electric vehicle infrastructure challenges.

Currently, not all EV owners have a private charging point, and many of those who do are not connected to it for large parts of the day. Meanwhile, some public charging points are underused or available for long periods of the day.

Iberdrola’s international startup programme Perseo wants to find technologies such as new software platforms, solutions for automatic access to car parks, closed areas or online management of charging points that will overcome these problems.

The winner of the challenge will receive technical and financial support from Iberdrola to test their project, including access to the company’s equipment, infrastructure and working areas.

If testing and pilot phases are successful, the winner will have the opportunity to become a global supplier for Iberdrola.

Luis Buil, global head of Smart Mobility from Iberdrola, said electric mobility “requires constant innovation. With this challenge we want to find solutions that will make charging infrastructure smarter and more efficient, and ultimately improve the experience of electric vehicle ownership for drivers. All predictions show that electric vehicle ownership will increase substantially in the coming years, and access to charging points remains one of the key challenges.”

In Spain, Iberdrola is currently delivering a smart mobility plan to install 25,000 charging points in homes, businesses and public areas that will be powered by renewables.

Startups interested in entering the challenge can apply, or find further details, by clicking here.