Uzbek utility commissions new 37.4MW hydropower plant

Salto Grande Hydroelectric Complex, credit Emerson

In Uzbekistan, state hydropower company JSCà‚ Uzbekhydroenergo has commissioned the Zarchob Hydropower Plant after a four-year construction project.à‚ à‚ 

The Zarchob hydro plant is situated in theà‚ Sariasiaà‚ district of the Surkhandarya region of Uzbekistan, has two hydroelectric units with total capacity of 37.4MW and uses water from the Tupalang River via a 480-meter tunnel and a 1,300-meter canal.

The construction project was developed by JSC Hydroproject, a subsidiary of Uzbekhydroenergo, with construction executed by To’palang HPD Platinum LLC.  Hydraulic equipment was supplied by Dongfang Electric International Corporation.

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The project, which commenced in August 2017 following a Presidential decree, was completed on time despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

This project is one of several ongoing investment projects to construct new hydropower plants and modernise existing ones. Uzbekistan has set a goal to generate a quarter of all electricity from renewable sources by 2030, including 3.8GW of hydro, 5GW of solar and up to 3GW of wind energy.à‚ 

In 2020, Uzbekhydroenergo commissioned six HPP modernisation and construction projects with a total capacity of 118.3MW, capable of producing 543 million kWh of electricity. The projects created 103 new jobs and the total cost wasà‚ $212.6 million, $101.4 million of Uzebekhydroenergo’s own funds and $111.2 million of foreign loans.à‚ à‚ 

Abduganià‚ Sanginov, chairman of the Board of JSCà‚ Uzbekhydroenergo, said:à‚ “Today’s successful commissioning means our country’s hydropower potential is actively growing, and we thank Uzbekistan’s hydropower engineers for their outstanding due diligence, dedication, and work.à‚ Commissioning of the Zarchob small HPP-1 plant will make an important contribution to optimal use ofà‚ Uzbekistan’s natural resources, boost energy efficiency and increase renewable energy’s share in our country’s energy mix.”à‚ 

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