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Uncertain future for Salvadoran hydro plant

El Salvador’s El Chaparral hydropower plant (pictured) does not have a clear future as the government has not announced a new tender to continue the works.

Roberto Lorenzana, head of the Technical and Planning Secretariat of the Presidency, said that the tender will not be opened until the technical and financial viability studies are finished.

The company Astaldi started El Chaparral’s construction in 2008. The works were damaged in 2010 by a tropical storm and a new design was required.

The plant will produce 66 MW, or 8 per cent of the country’s overall consumption. It is to include a roller-compacted-concrete dam, reservoir, powerhouse containing two 32.2 MW generating units and a 1.42 MW minimum flow unit, and a substation just upstream of the Torola River’s confluence with the San Juan River.