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Uganda allows Eskom to use more water for hydropower

Eskom Uganda has been given permission by the Ugandan government to continue drawing enough water from Lake Victoria to generate 180 MW to supply to the Uganda grid.

Currently, Uganda has an off-peak demand of 300 MW, and a peak demand of 443 MW. With the 180 MW from the Nalubaale and Kiira hydropower plants, Uganda has a supply capacity of 300 MW, and reducing the level of water release would exacerbate the power shortage.

At 1000 m3/second, the current water drawdown level violates a regional policy limit of 700 m3/second to avoid excessive drops in the water level of Lake Victoria.

Eskom Uganda has applied for an extension to continue to release 1000 m3/second until Bujagali’s first 50 MW unit comes on stream in November.

“All of us in the region have power challenges. We are using the resources we have until we get the first unit at Bujagali operational in the next two months,” said Irene Muloni, Uganda’s energy minister.

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