There’s something for everyone at this month’s HYDROVISION Exchange

There’s something for everyone at this month’s HYDROVISION Exchange

The upcoming HYDROVISION Exchange virtual event really does offer something for everyone, with nearly 20 different content sessions over four days, divided up by several topics.

HYDROVISION International and Hydro Review are hosting this completely virtual experience on November 16-19, 2020.

The HYDROVISION Exchange willà‚ kick off with a powerful keynote addressà‚ à¢€” featuring Bonneville Power Administration Interim Administrator and Chief Executive Officer John Hairston ࢀ” and provide timely content and education sessions, peer-to-peer networking, and matchmaking assistance between decision-makers and sellers.

Check below for content that appeals to your specific area of interest:

Civil Works and Dam Safety: A session on innovative flood control applications;

Energy Storage: A session covering novel approaches for integrated storage systems;

Equipment and Technology: Sessions on circuit breaker monitoring, auto tuning to speed up excitation commissioning, silt monitoring for equipment life and environmental compliance optimization, and containing costs for bearing repairs by understanding your specs;

Market Trends: A session on novel cybersecurity capabilities to meet hydropower’s evolving challenges;

Operations and Maintenance: Sessions on proper O&M of water conveyance systems and hydro bearing maintenance solutions;

Policies and Regulations: A session on how to navigate recent regulatory developments;

Water and Environment: A session on preparing for future integrated water-energy cycle challenges.

Waterpower Hydro Basics: Four sessions to help you learn more about hydropower and get up to speed quickly (registration fee)

Our content lineup is nearly complete,à‚ so click here to see more and to registerà‚ for the HYDROVISION Exchange.

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