News, scheme and contract announcements, tenders and investments in hydroelectric or hydropower projects. This will include pumped storage, tide, run-of-the-river and dam projects, highlighting associated equipment such as turbines, generators, rotors and shafts. This is an important renewable energy resource used to lower emissions and meet peak demand through storage and hybrid solutions.


Philippines unveils latest round of renewables bidding

The Republic of the Philippines DOE has kicked off the start of the 3rd Open and Competitive Selection Process to further accelerate the development of renewable energy.

Grand Renaissance dam talks at risk due to Tigray conflict

Talks have resumed to resolve conflict surrounding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam however, conflict in Tigray could cause delays.
Kopili investment

India gets $231m ADB aid for Lower Kopili hydro project

The Asian Development Bank has approved a $231m loan to fund the construction of the Lower Kopili Hydroelectric Power plant in Central Assam in India.

Test operations start at 104MW Honduras hydro plant

Honduras’ state power company Enee has begun test operations of the 104MW Patuca III hydroelectric plant in Olancho.

Caribbean Development Bank supports solar on St Vincent and the Grenadines

The Caribbean Development Bank has approved financing of US$8.6 million for solar energy development on St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Nicaragua reaches 98.5% electrification rate and 75% renewables supply

Nicaragua reached over 75% renewables supply in 2020, of which half was from local resources.

Hydro-Québec to build hydrogen electrolyzer facility for biofuel plant

Hydro-Québec has announced plans to build an electrolyzer facility with a capacity of about 90MW, to supply green hydrogen and oxygen to the Recyclage Carbone Varennes plant project.
Sarawak Energy

Sarawak Energy marks milestone for 1285 MW hydropower plant

Sarawak Energy’s largest hydropower project to date, the 1,285-MW Baleh Hydroelectric Project (HEP) in Malaysia, has reached a major project milestone with the successful completion of its dual diversion tunnels, river diversion and closure works in October.
Malagarasi Hydropower project

AfDB approves $120m loan for 50MW Malagarasi Hydropower Project

The Malagarasi Hydropower project has several components: a run-of-the-river hydropower facility; a 54- km-long, 132-kV transmission line that will connect to Tanzania’s national grid

Hydroelectric plants have the fastest start-up time of US electric generators

Most hydroelectric turbines can go from cold start to full operations in less than 10 mins, faster start-up time than any other generators,

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