Ecuador updates hydropower studies to protect Amazon

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Celec, the state power corporation of Ecuador, has launched bidding to update its hydroelectric potential of medium- and large-scale projects (more than 25 MW).

According to BNamericas, the work entails a review of 10 out of 20 projects identified in 2018 for a combined 9 GW, as part of a wider analysis of renewable energies to mitigate low water levels in the Amazon River.

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Specific tasks include drafting an action plan and referential budgets and preparing reference terms for studies.

Offers for the one-year consultancy contract are due by 10 September according to procurement information.

As of June 2020, hydroelectric power made up 62.5% of the total installed electric generating capacity in the country, followed by thermal at 35.1% and biomass at 1.7%.

BNamericas says it is tracking 21 planned hydroelectric plants in Ecuador ” most in the early works stage ” for a total estimated investment of $6 billion.

Celec also recently cancelled a call to conduct prefeasibility studies for a project to transfer water between the Toachi and Baba river basins to optimize hydroelectric production. The process was declared void to improve reference terms.

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