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BOW Networks to provide Hydro Ottawa with EMS/SCADA networking solutions

CALGARY, AB, April 8, 2002 — BOW Networks announced recently that Hydro Ottawa has selected its eLAN(tm) communications platform for a communications project that will bring together the EMS/SCADA systems of all of its recently amalgamated operating companies.

BOW’s eLAN(tm) software will be integrated on a series of routers and substation gateways.

eLAN(tm) is expected to provide services extending from IED protocol translation to DNP/IP routing and security. Hydro Ottawa is an amalgamation of five electric utility companies running four distinct EMS/SCADA systems. In order to get a clear picture of their entire operation in real time, Hydro Ottawa needed an efficient means of tying these disparate systems together.

“BOW’s eLAN(tm) routers and gateways allow us to preserve our investment in legacy systems while moving to the use of integrated networking technology”, comments Joel Gorr, Manager of System Control at Hydro Ottawa. “BOW’s experience in the utility communications sector and a number of specific eLAN features gave us a high level of comfort that the transition would be as seamless as possible.”

BOW Networks introduced its eLAN(tm) platform in response to the trend toward the use of corporate intranets and the internet for communicating substation data cost-effectively to many departmental users.

BOW Networks’ Chief Technology Officer, Dan MacKay explains, “The increased focus on operational efficiencies and capital budget constraints has definitely enhanced the level of interest in technology that accommodates past investment in automation, while moving toward modern network architectures. Our eLAN(tm) product is targeted specifically at this opportunity and we look forward to seeing it provide benefit to Hydro Ottawa.”

BOW Networks is a utility communications company and the developer of the eLAN(tm) communications platform. BOW is based in Calgary, Canada.

About Hydro Ottawa Limited
Hydro Ottawa Limited is the local distribution utility serving more than 250,000 customers and is regulated by the Ontario Energy Board. Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc. owns and operates Hydro Ottawa Limited, Energy Ottawa Inc., a generation and energy services company; and Telecom Ottawa, a broadband data utility.