Renewable Hydroelectric Power Generation

Hydro power generation is the world’s largest renewable energy source.  Hydroelectric dams and micro hydropower plants are competitive in the energy market but environmental concerns have slowed the adoption.

Hydroelectric Power News

India: Leading in low renewable energy cost across Asia Pacific


India has emerged as the market leader with the lowest renewable energy cost in Asia Pacific, new research from Wood Mackenzie ...

GE Renewable Energy in global hydropower deal


Emrgy Inc has signed an agreement with GE Renewable Energy focusing on Emrgy’s micro hydrokinetic technology.

Renewables outpace fossil fuels in Europe for second year


For the second consecutive year, renewables produced more power than fossil fuels in the first and second quarters of 2019.

ABB and Enel Green Power in digital deal for hydropower plants


ABB is to deliver predictive maintenance solutions to Enel Green Power’s fleet of hydropower plants across Italy.

UK hits landmark clean energy tipping point


The UK has reached a tipping point in its electricity generation and this year will for the first time since the Industrial Rev...

GE Renewables in predictive O&M deal for Enel's Spanish hydro plants


GE Renewable Energy has signed a three-year agreement with Enel Green Power to provide predictive operation and maintenance cap...

From the Pages of PEI

Avoiding mega-problems with mega-projects

The purpose of contracts - and the consequences of poorly-designed contracts - are rarely explained clearly, let alone understood. Contracts focus too much on who to blame and too little on how to get the job done. This article explains what needs to be done.

Decarbonization is in the hands of digitization

The digitalization of the energy sector will provide the only sure-fire route to decarbonization, according to a leading economist and energy academic. Kelvin Ross hears him explain why

Using big data for power equipment condition prognosis

There is almost no asset that does not have maintenance costs. 

Transporting large scale power equipment

Much is written about the operation and maintenance of power equipment in these pages, but an aspect that is rarely mentioned is how these large pieces of kit reach their ultimate destination.

Creating a 21st century valve

In the power industry, downtime can be the difference between profit and loss.

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