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Hybrid diesel-PV system saves big in Ecuador

A hybrid diesel-solar photovoltaic (PV) on-site power system has produced big savings for an Ecuadorean airport.

Power to the main airport on Baltra, one of the Galapagos islands, was previously supplied by two diesel generators which produced 1200 GWh/year.

A solar power plant, added in October 2013, produces more than 141 GWh/year and has reduced the gensets’ fuel consumption as well as saving up to 12% on fuel costs, according to photovoltaic inverter manufacturer Ingeteam, whose inverters were recently installed in the solar plant’s power supply system.

In the hybrid system, Ingeteam said its diesel-PV controllers monitor power flows and manage the PV power injected into the diesel grid in order to guarantee system stability, achieving up to 70% of PV penetration compared to the total diesel capacity.

The 18 kWp system features 352 solar panels and three Ingecon Sun 25 U inverters. These inverters have been specifically designed to comply with US regulations, are suitable for outdoor installation and achieve a maximum efficiency of 96.1%, Ingeteam said.