Zheng Jianming, chairman and founder of Ltd., is considering a public listing for the holding company he created to manage what may be the world’s biggest collection of solar-manufacturing businesses.

Hong Kong-bases Zheng is convinced that clean energy can power every aspect of life and has already accumulated $20bn in Chinese solar manufacturing assets.

Speaking on Monday at the Next Generation Solar PV Finance event in New York, he discussed his strategy to advance the building of green cities worldwide, in part by creating the first-ever, vertically integrated clean energy supply chain.
Zheng Jianming
The listing indicates his desire to expand into other green energy technologies.

Asia Pacific Resources Development Investment is also investing in battery technology, electric cars, geothermal systems and even units that use seawater to store electricity. The goal is to supply clean energy for almost every aspect of daily life, “from the power source to heating and cooling, lighting and vehicles,” Zheng said.

“If a city were to implement all of these technologies it would basically be low-carbon,” he said in an interview in New York. “My vision for this company isn’t just for China. I want to create a global company.”

In New York Zheng, granting a rare public speech, said his approach was to identify the world’s best complementary clean technology companies to create entire supply chains across multiple verticals and to produce integrated solutions on a massive scale.

“Clean energy brings a much brighter future for mankind and mother earth,” he said. “Investors and entrepreneurs should be focused on this sector. By investing in companies that together bring total solutions, we enable cities to transform the ways they grow and consume resources and we can ensure a high quality of life for us and for future generations.”

Among Cheng’s ambitious goals is the deployment of more than 50 GW of installed clean energy capacity in the next 10 years — enough to power over 37 million homes.