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Highly efficient CHP system for Scottish AD facility

ENER-G is to supply a high-efficiency cogeneration system for a Scottish council’s new anaerobic digestion (AD) facility at its Lochhead landfill site in Dunfermline.

At the heart of the biogas-fired generation system is an MTU engine (pictured), with a 42% efficient electrical output.

The AD plant, which is expected to come on line later this year, will convert methane produced from up to 40,000 tonnes of local food and garden waste into a maximum of 1.4 MW of renewable electricity and heat.

The renewable heat will supply Fife Council’s existing district heating system. It also has the potential to meet all of the heating needs of the local Queen Margaret hospital.

ENER-G developed and operates the council’s existing 2-MW landfill gas facility at Lochhead, which has been operational for more than five years.

Chris Ewing, environmental sustainability manager for Fife Council, said: “We believe that turning food and garden waste at Lochhead into power and heat could save the council around GBP1.2m (US$1.8m) each year. It will also contribute to our improving recycling rates, which were 55.5% in 2012 for household and commercial waste.”

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