Research compiled by GTM indicates that microgrid development in the US is flourishing.

Since the beginning of the year, 13 newly commissioned US microgrid projects have been deployed. A new forecast from GTM research anticipates a 30 per cent increase in 2020 cumulative operational capacity — now exceeding 3.7 GW.

The vast majority of the market continues to depend on fossil-fuel-driven generators, but the scene is evolving with share of renewables in microgrid projects doubling since June 2015.

Currently 10 per cent of operational capacity, renewables account for 45 per cent of the known capacity pipeline. Although seven of the largest microgrids account for 39 per cent of today’s 1.5-gigawatt market, small to mid-sized projects are the most numerous.

The sector has become more important in the US with states supporting microgrid and reliability initiatives in reaction to extreme weather and power outages have led.