Google is to provide seed funding for renewable power certification programmes in Asia, the company announced this week.

The US-based Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), a non-profit renewable energy policy consultancy, is to use the money to set the creation of such programmes in motion.

The schemes would assign renewable energy credits (RECs) to megawatt-hours generated by wind, solar and other renewables.

In a statement, Google said the CRS is set to “begin examining how best to structure these programmes across Asia to create robust voluntary renewable energy markets. They will also begin building a coalition of international stakeholders from the public, private and NGO sectors to drive these efforts forward.”

Google is seeking to advance its goal of powering all of its data centres, which represent the bulk of its power consumption, with 100 per cent renewables. However, it said this is difficult in Asia, where “effective renewable energy certification programmes simply aren’t available”.

CRS’s efforts will focus initially on Taiwan, where Google has a large data centre (pictured). Its second Asian data centre is located in Singapore.

The amount of seed funding to be provided was not disclosed.