Go Electric energy storage wins new certification

Adanced energy storage specialists, Go Electric, announced today that the company’s LYNC DRà‚® and LYNC Secureà‚® solutions have met UL 1741’s safety, performance and grid support certification requirements for distributed energy equipment.

The systems combine battery energy storage and a microgrid controller to deliver resiliency and automated energy efficiency and savings.

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Tony Soverns, Chief Technology Officer of Go Electric said, “With growing interest among businesses and facilities in using renewable resources and other efficiency assets, Go Electric ensures energy security and lower energy bills. It is essential to ensure that system deployments abide by the appropriate safety standards.”

The certification requirements for UL 1741, IEE1547 and CSA22.2 cover inverters, converters, controllers, interconnection system equipment and power conversion equipment intended for use in both stand-alone and utility-interactive power systems. By meeting these requirements, LYNC DRà‚® and LYNC Secureà‚® systems are certified by Intertek (insuring ETL Listing) to provide facilities with safe, efficient and quality energy services, both while grid-connected and while acting independently of a utility grid.

The LYNC systems are patented battery energy storage systems that provide energy services to facilities and a utility grid.à‚ The products seamlessly integrate any customer-side-of-the-meter energy resources ࢀ” typically renewable resources and generators ࢀ” into a building nanogrid and deliver uninterruptible power, peak shaving, power factor correction, load shifting, and distributed energy resource (DER) optimization to a facility and/or location.à‚ 

The systemsà‚ support utilities by balancing system-wide demand through advanced demand response services making customers more predictable and efficient grid assets.



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