Global brands to display wind power consumer stamp

Motorola, Deutsche Bank and toy manufacturer Lego are among the companies that will display a quality stamp on their products to show that at least 25 per cent of their energy consumption comes from wind power.

The consumer label WindMade was launched today in New York and its objective is to drive demand in wind power, thereby boosting investment and growing the renewable energy market.

The 14 organisations that have signed up to the scheme so far also include news and data organisation Bloomberg and wind turbine manufacturer Vestas.

Vestas marketing chief Morten Albaek said that “67 per cent of 31,000 consumers globally have told us they would favor WindMade products, even at a premium”.

Bloomberg’s head of sustainability Curtis Ravenel said that “governments have done their part, and it is now up to the corporate community to demonstrate leadership by committing to clean energy development”.

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