Germany opts to limit wind power expansion

The German network regulator says onshore wind power is to be limited to 902 MW annually as the country attempts to adapt the grid for the increase in renewable energy.

Germany will limit onshore wind power expansion in northern parts of the country to 902 MW annually until at least August 2019 in a bid to alleviate grid bottlenecks, the BNA network regulator said on Monday.
Wind turbines
Montel reports that the grid restrictions apply to the states of Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen, Hamburg and Mecklenburg-Pomerania, as well as the northern parts of Lower Saxony.

The move follows the reform of the Renewable Energy Act, which will see new auctions for onshore wind capacity, limiting overall expansion to 2800 MW every year until 2019.

Berlin is seeking to improve the synchronisation of renewables and grid expansion amid internal bottlenecks in transporting wind power from the north to the consumption centres in the south as new grid lines are massively delayed.

Germany’s struggles to cope with the increase grid capability in line with renewables growth has also impacted on its neighbours, with Nordic countries lamenting import limitations in the north.

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