German TSO chief says cost control key to Energiewende acceptance

The head of one of Germany’s four transmission system operators says public acceptance of the country’s energy transition, or Energiewende, can only be assured by keeping prices down.

Speaking at the sidelines of the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue conference, CEO of 50 Hertz, Boris Schucht said the fall in the cost of renewable energy is positive but German federal and local governments need to ensure that costs for revamping the country’s energy system are kept as low as possible to ensure public acceptance of the process.
Boris Schucht
With renewable prices at 4-6 euro cents/KWh, Schucht said that low cost is key to winning public acceptance.

“It is impressive how low prices are. Nobody would have thought that some years ago.”

However recent opposition to transmission lines has proved problematic in terms of costs and Scucht said gaining public confidence in that area is essential.

“If we are producing energy which we cannot use and cannot transport, we will get public questions about whether this is the best way to go forward”.

Schucht said one argument politicians can use to convince the public that switching to renewable energy is the right choice is the low cost of electricity from renewables.

Platts reports that he added that the planned split in July 2018 of the German and Austrian common electricity price market will help keep costs for transmitting German wind power down and will mean fewer technical problems in cross-border transmission of large volumes of German electricity.

He also called for better technical cross border transmission between other neighbours such as the Czech Republic and Poland to reduce so-called loop flows from German wind power energy which destabilize those grids.


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