The municipality of Bruchsmühlbach-Miesau is home to the largest US army ammunition centre in Europe (Miesau) and the town and base have teamed up to work towards a 100 per cent renewable energy supply.

The relationship means that a new biogas cogeneration facility is set to be built, reports Clean Technica.

The town’s mayor approached the US Army authorities with a plan of putting a 1-MW solar PV plant on the roof of huge storage buildings inside the massive military base.

The local American military authorities and the national German authorities responsible for affairs concerning foreign military bases soon approved the plan.

Energized by this success, the community of Bruchsmühlbach-Miesau is already planning its next project in cooperation with the US base.

The community are now to proceed to build a biogas cogeneration plant in 2012. This project will reduce the annual heating oil consumption of the “Miseau Army Depot” by up to 443,000 liters / 117,000 gallons.

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