German energy surcharge rises to record level


A surcharge which is helping to fund the country’s energy transition has been confirmed by Germany‘s grid operators.

The levy is set to rise to 6.24 eurocents in 2014 up from the present rate of 6.24 eurocents, the TransnetBW grid operator announced on Tuesday.

The surcharge helps finance the higher statutory rate paid for energy produced by wind and solar farms, biogas plants and hydropower facilities.

The renewed levy increase means households will have to pay between 60 and 100 euros more for electricity next year.

Renewable groups and Germany’s Green opposition say that exemptions from the surcharge for heavy industries, as well as distortions in Germany’s electricity pricing system are responsible for the new rise.

The groups have warned citizens not to believe that they would have to pay so much more because of new technology costs in the renewable sector.

“On the contrary, costs have come down considerably because of vast technological advances,” BSW Solar chief Carsten Kàƒ¶rnig told Deutsche Welle.

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