Gamesa unveils new turbine and wins China certification

Wind energy company Gamesa has unveiled its latest 2.5 MW turbine.

The G126 turbine is especially designed for less windy conditions and combines a longer-than-usual rotor of 126 metres in diameter with tower heights ranging from 84 metres to 129 metres.Gamesa wind turbine

Juan Diego Dàƒ­az, Gamesa’s marketing director, said that the new turbine was “one of the most competitive products in the 2-3 MW segment for low wind speeds”.

The G126-2.5 MW is fitted with the same electrical system as the rest of Gamesa’s 2.5 MW products. The first prototype will be installed during the third quarter of next year and its serial production is due to begin by 2017.

Gamesa has also has had its G97-2.0 MW turbine certified in China ” making it the first foreign OEM to do so.

The Spanish company said that the G97-2.0 is a “benchmark turbine in the Chinese market”, where Gamesa has installed more than 150 units since 2011 and has another orders for another 99 units.

It is now mandatory to obtain local product certification in order to sell wind turbines in China in the wake of specific legislation passed in July.

Antonio de la Torre, Gamesa’s director of product development, said: “Gamesa has become the first foreign OEM to obtain this distinction from a Chinese certification agency. This milestone once again demonstrates our technological prowess and strategic commitment to the Chinese market, where the company has established itself as the leading western OEM.”

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