Gamesa wind turbine assembly

Spain’s Gamesa launched the first model from its new 3.3MW wind turbine platform at the European Wind Energy Association Conference in Paris this week.

Gamesa‘s technology officer José Antonio Malumbres told those present at the unveiling that the G132 wind turbine, set for production in 2017, is designed to give maximum power at medium wind speed sites.
Gamesa wind turbine assembly
“This new product is the only turbine in the market designed for medium wind speeds which combines a 132-m rotor with nominal unit capacity of 3.3 MW. This guarantees an optimal capacity factor and, by extension, maximising output.”

Gamesa said that the new platform draws from the technology used in the 2.0 and 2.5MW platforms by leveraging the same mechanical and electrical systems but boosting nominal capacity to 3.3 MW.

The turbine’s blade stretches to 64.5 metres, increasing output and reducing emissions.

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