French government sends strong message on tidal energy intent

Secretary of State for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, Sébastien Lecornu, has announced preliminary studies to the launch of a tidal energy tender.

The announcement is an important first step and strong message to the sector, according to Ocean Energy Europe, with a tender for tidal energy seeing France become the global centre of tidal energy manufacturing.à‚ 
Ocean Energy Europe
The tides in northern France are among the most powerful in the world. Following a decade of R&D development, tidal energy technology is now ready to use this resource. Tidal farms will generate predictable renewable energy, while creating significant jobs opportunities and local economic activity.

Speaking at the Colloque Annuel of Syndicat des àƒâ€°nergies Renouvelables (SER) yesterday, Mr Lecornu announced the launch in 2018 of preliminary studies of tidal zones in Brittany and Normandy.à‚ 

Rémi Gruet, CEO of Ocean Energy Europe, welcomed the announcement and called for the launch of a tender for tidal energy as soon as possible.

“The stage is set for France to become the powerhouse of a global tidal energy industry. It has one of the most powerful tidal resources in the world; it has world-leading tidal technology, and it has an existing offshore supply-chain ready for action. A tender for tidal energy will see the first manufacturing plants come to France, creating a strong domestic industry, with significant export opportunities globally.”

“The French Government has clearly recognised this opportunity and it will be up to the sector to demonstrate the readiness of the technology and the progress achieved in the first pilot farms. We look forward to discussing the design of the tender, to ensure fast deployment and best use of public finances”, concluded Mr Gruet.


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