Flowserve starts next phase of Africa solar projects

Flowserve (NYSE: FLS) has completed engineering and is now in manufacturing key pumping systems for two major solar plants in Africa.

The US company is working on the orders for Ouarzazate and Bokpoort solar plants at its manufacturing facilities in Coslada and Arganda in Spain and Desio in Italy.à‚ Ouarzazate solar plant

Ouarzazate is in Morocco and is a 160 MW concentrating solar power (CSP) complex, while the 50 MW Bokpoort is also a CSP project in South Africa.

Ouarzazate will have enough molten salt storage to allow operation up to 3.5 hours after sunset, while Bokpoort will allow operation up to 9 hours after sunset.

The Flowserve pumping systems at the heart of the plants use heavy-duty, radially split, between bearings pumps for heat transfer fluid and vertical turbine pumps for molten salt service.

The H heat transfer fluid pumps use variable frequency drives designed to regulate pump speed and optimize the efficiency of the system at elevated temperatures and pressures.

Jim Quain, president of Flowserve Sales Organization, said the company won the contracts for the projects because of its “extensive experience in high-temperature pumping applications and our history of supplying equipment for solar power plant projects of this magnitude”.

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