First steps for bladeless wind power

Vortex Bladeless, an energy start-upà‚ has developed a new type of turbine, which it believes has the potential to be cheaper and more reliable.

The Vortex’sà‚ generatorà‚ resembles a giant straw in the ground and harnesses wind energy without the need for rotating windmill blades. It’s designed to vibrate in the wind as much as possible, like a guitar string; those vibrations are then converted into stored energy.
Vortex bladeless
The innovation may prove to be another step forward in the industry’s efforts to bring down costs.

According to the Spanish company’s website, the Vortex turbines are 53 per cent cheaper to manufacture and 51 per cent cheaper to operate than traditional wind turbines. This is in part due to their lack of moving partsࢀ”there just aren’t that many componentsà‚ to break.

Their current model, the 41-foot Vortex Mini tube, captures around 30% less energy than a traditional wind turbine, but can also be packed more densely into a given space.

The company has raised about $1m from the Spanish government and private investors, according to Wired; it says it will begin raising more moneyà‚ via crowdfundingà‚ on June 1.

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