Exergy delivers three geothermal plants in Turkey despite Covid
Exergy geothermal plant in Turkey

Three new geothermal plants have been brought online in Turkey by Italian energy company Exergy International.

The plants are for Greeneco Enerji, RSC Enerji and Kiper Elektrik.

Located in Sarayköy, the new unit for Greeneco Enerji is a single pressure cycle equipped with two Radial Outflow turbines, employing air-cooled condensing system with a total power output of 26MWe.

The project was awarded to Exergy in late December 2019 and was completed in less than ten months. It also marks a total of more than 100 MWe that Exergy has now delivered to Greeneco Enerji.

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The 12 MWe plant for RSC Enerji is located in the Seferihisar district, close to Izmir, featuring a two-pressure level cycle on a single turbine, while the third plant, for Kiper Elektrik, was commissioned at the end of October and is a 10 MWe unit equipped with one Radial Outflow Turbine and employing a water-cooled condensing system. 

Exergy International chief executive Albert Yam praised both his workers and the three customers for collaborative efforts to get over all challenges, “particularly when situations were changing fast during the growth of the global pandemic of Covid-19 and governments imposed severe restrictions on our activities. Yet we were able to deliver the plants on time.”