Electricity generation at the 80 MW Okhotnykovo solar plant in the Crimea, Ukraine, claimed to be Europe’s largest solar farm, is set to reach a total output of 100 GWh “shortly”.

The State Agency of Ukraine for Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation (SAUEEEC) launched the Okhotnykovo project in 2010, with funds generated by selling carbon emissions offset credits to Japanese companies. Ukraine received $400m.

It is also planned that Okhotnykovo will have wind and additional solar capacity added, to give it a total capacity of 2000 MW. Austria’s Activ Solar is managing the project.

Kaveh Ertefai, CEO for Activ Solar, said: “A project of this scale means there will be a radical change of solar energy development in Europe, while securing Ukraine’s position as a renewable energy provider.”

SAUEEEC is implementing the Ukraine government’s ambitious national energy strategy, which calls for alternative energy to make up 30 per cent of the country’s energy market by 2015.

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