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European energy giants partner on Portugal green hydrogen project

EDP, Galp, Martifer, REN, Vestas and several other European partners are to evaluate the viability of the H2Sines project, which aims toà‚ implement an industrial cluster for the production of green hydrogen in Sines in Portugal.

The project will leverage the competitive advantages of endogenous renewable natural resources, contributing to the re-industrialisation of the Portuguese and European economies on a more sustainable basis, as well as the balance of trade.

The project will be implemented in phases with the first phase including the installation of a 10MW electrolysis pilot project.

Over the course of the current decade, the project will evolve to 1GW of electrolysis capacity.

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The production of green hydrogen in Sines contemplated in the H2Sines project integrates and optimises the entire value chain, from renewable electricity generation, hydrogen production and its distribution, transport, storage, marketing and export. 

The green hydrogen produced will be exported to northern Europe as well as used locally in the industrial and transport sectors, and will be injected into the natural gas network.

The project will contribute to the effort to decarbonize the economy and strengthen the competitiveness of national tradable goods in the European space.

The project has to date gained support from more than 20 national companies, institutes and universities.