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European adoption of renewables continues to grow

The demand for renewable electricity in Europe, documented with Guarantees of Origin, continues to grow in 2015.

ECOHZ website has released data showing Germany leading the way, with 20 per cent of all consumption documented as renewable.

ECOHZ delivers Guarantees of Origin which prove that energy comes from renewable sources. ECOHZ is the market leader in Europe, fully dedicated to delivering proof of renewable energy sources. Guarantees of Origin are issued electronically for the electricity generated (1 Guarantee of Origin per MWh), traded and redeemed (i.e. used) by suppliers as evidence to their customers of the quality of the delivered electricity.
According to the data thousands of businesses and millions of households in numerous European countries are voluntarily purchasing renewable electricity with Guarantees of Origin.

In 2014 Germany reached a volume of 80 TWh, and may now be on track to reach an impressive volume of 100 TWh in 2015, accounting for 25 per cent of the European volume. The German figures as of Q2 in 2015 already show a market demand of 69 TWh, an increase of 11 TWh, 19 per cent higher than the 2nd quarter of last year

Germany, having a total power consumption of 580 TWh, is now close to having 20 % of all consumption documented as renewable.

On a European basis, the 2015 2nd quarter numbers show an increase of 25 TWh compared to Q2 in 2014 ࢀ“ equaling an increase of 11 per cent. The total demand for Q2 reached a record volume of 255 TWh, according to the statistics from the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB).

The development in 2015 follows a record-breaking 2014, during which the market experienced aà‚ 27.6 per cent growth and an all-time high of 314 TWh in demand for renewable electricity. Moreover, for the first time since 2011, there was a real balance between supply and demand.

The European demand for renewable electricity documented by Guarantees of Origin now constitute more than 10% of all electricity consumption in Europe (ca. 3,300 TWh) and more than one third of all electricity from renewable sources in Europe (ca. 900 TWh).

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