Estover Energy proposes new UK biomass cogen plant

UK-based small-scale renewable energy developer Estover Energy recently announced plans to develop a GBP65m ($100m) biomass-fuelled combined heat and power (CHP) plant in the southeast of England.

The CHP plant is to be developed on Discovery Park; a science and technology park located in Sandwich, Kent, and will supply heat and electricity across the 89 hectare park.

It will also supply surplus electricity to the national grid.

The facility will use locally sourced, low-grade wood fuel from local forestry and woodland, and is expected to generate approximately 11 MW of electric power and 8 MW of heat.

Estover Energy expects the project to also significantly bolster the local economy, creating around 100 jobs during the construction period and up to 40 permanent positions, including 20 at the plant.

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