E.ON withdraws from Scottish marine energy project

E.ON has decided to remove itself from the Pelamis Marine Energy Project at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney, Scotland, citing delays in wave energy progress.

E.ON (FWB:à‚ EOAN) had been working with Edinburgh-based Pelamis Wave Energy, to test one of the company’s wave energy converters.

A spokesperson told the BBC that the company still believed marine energy could provide commercial opportunities in the future.

She said: “Delays in wave technology progress and a focus in E.ON on other more mature renewable technologies have been part of the decision to reduce our level of effort in the marine area.

“Having successfully built up a leading position in the marine energy area, we will continue to monitor technologies and work towards being prepared when marine energy is more mature and we are in the right position to move forward.”

Pelamis Wave Power said the decision by E.ON would not affect its plans to begin generating electricity on a commercial scale, and in a statement said, “E.ON’s decision at this stage does not in any way change our development trajectory.”

Despite the energy giant’s departure, Pelamis added that it now has a “unique and solid platform from which to deliver the first commercial Pelamis machines over the next couple of years.”

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