ENGIE and EDP unveil Ocean Winds offshore energy company

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Global energy companies ENGIE and EDP have announced the launch of a new offshore wind energy company, Ocean Winds.

Following a joint venture announced in 2019, Ocean Winds, will act as the exclusive investment vehicle of ENGIE and EDP within the global offshore wind market.

Ocean Winds (OW) is equally controlled by both companies and will become one of the top five offshore global operators by combining the industrial and development capacity of both parent companies.

The new company has over 200 employees and expects to reach 300 towards the end of the year.

Spyros Martinis, CEO of OW, explained: “OW has been created with the intention of combining the experience and knowledge of two companies with a successful track record in the generation of renewable energy under one single firm, in order to take a leading position in the marine wind sector. We share a vision for the key role of renewables in general, and offshore in particular, in the new energy model. The creation of a company combining the experience and resources of both will give us the chance to lead a sector in this increasingly real and necessary transition.”

ENGIE and EDP explain how they came up with a name of the new energy company.

Grzegorz Gorski, COO of OW, added: “We are continuously monitoring the evolution and regulation of multiple countries. We are seeking not just to grow in the markets where we are already present, but also to explore opportunities to add value in new countries.”

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