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Enel and CED sign Guatemala’s largest power purchase agreement

The renewable energy subsidiary of Enel has signed a 10-year power purchase agreement with Guatemala energy company Comercializadora de Energàƒ­a para el Desarrollo (CED).

The PPA, the largest of its kind in Guatemala, includes Enel Green Power supplying CED with 1.26TWh of sustainable energy.

CED, a subsidiary of agrifood company Magdalena, the third largest generator and the second largest exporter of energy in Guatemala, will provide its industrial customers with hydro generate electricity from Enel.

The customers include the agri-industry, steel and textile sectors.

The renewable energy supplied under this ten-year agreement is equivalent to planting 15 million trees or avoiding the emission of 865,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere per year.

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CED produces the majority of its clean energy from biomass during the harvest season (end of November to mid-April of the following year) and Enel from its hydro plants during the rainy season of the country, which goes from May to November.

Jorge Leal, the general manager of Ingenio Magdalena said: “We were looking for a strategic ally like Enel to launch this project and satisfy the needs of our clients, providing 100% renewable energy throughout the year. We are confident that these alliances will help us offer more profitable energy purchasing options to different sectors in the future.”

Bruno Riga, the head of central America region of Enel Green Power, adds: “At Enel Green Power we have the experience and capability to meet the specific needs of companies and sectors with high electricity consumption. Through these agreements, companies can have a renewable energy supply that allows them to achieve their sustainability goals.”

Enel Green Power Guatemala has been operating for 16 years and operates five hydro plants in Guatemala, with a combined installed capacity of 164 MW. T