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Ecuador slow to add green energy to power mix

Officials in Ecuador are adding renewable energy sources to the country’s grid but the process is slow and will not see a significant shift until at least 2016, a report El Comercio.

Over the last five years, the government has installed 600 MW of thermoelectric power, which is close to half of the production capacity of the Paute hydroelectric facility (1075 MW), the country’s biggest power station.

The government’s aim this year is to increase the share of hydro to 64 per cent and reduce thermal (primarily diesel) to 33 per cent.

The Ecuadorian authorities are looking to launch eight hydroelectric projects, which will generate approximately 2700 MW. This will increase the country’s installed capacity by 72 per cent and will help to promote cleaner sources of energy at a lower cost.

However, many feel this transformation of Ecuador’s energy mix is not happening fast enough.

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