Evance wind turbine
Evance wind turbine

UK green energy firm Ecotricity has bought small wind firm Evance out of administration.

Evance had completed 90% of development on its newest horizontal axis wind turbine design, Ecotricity said. With the infusion of funds the technology is expected to come to market within the next year.

‘This innovative new windmill will bring large turbine performance to small wind, a massive step change in terms of efficiency and cost,’ said Ecotricity’s founder Dale Vince.’Ecotricity already has a vertical windmill called the Urbine at a similar stage of development, so we will soon be able to offer both horizontal and vertical axis windmills that will help to make Britain a global leader in the small wind sector.’

Evance was placed into administration in April after an investment crisis.

The UK’s feed-in tariff (FiT) for small wind turbines 15 kW and under was cut by 20% from April 1, on top of a 37% FiT cut last year that led to an 80% reduction in the nation’s small wind sales.