DP CleanTech announced the signing of three contracts with China Everbright International Limited to build a trio of 30MW straw-fired biomass power plants in China.

This brings the number of Everbright International plants in China using DP technology to five; and the total number of DP power plants in China to 55, which represents over 30 per cent market share.

The Everbright International’s biomass plants will also be optimized to handle additional fuel types including rice husk, cornstalk, wood chip, and cotton and bean residues. The multi-fuel capabilities maximize output and annual availability of the plants for Everbright International while utilizing seasonal local biomass waste and securing additional revenue streams for farming communities.

The projects located in Dingyuan, Huaiyuan and Lingbi, in Anhui province, will feature DP’s unique High Pressure, High Temperature boiler technology which has already been successfully demonstrated in more than 50 plants in China.  DP has successfully implemented and adapted its patented, European technology to establish a leading position in the Chinese biomass market.

Construction on Dingyuan, Huaiyuan and Lingbi plants will begin soon and is expected to complete in 2016.