Dow and Atlas Renewable partner on Brazil’s Jacaranda solar project

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Dow has signed a 15-year deal with Atlas Renewable Energy for the supply of over 440GWh of clean energy capacity per annum as from the first half of 2021.

Atlas will use energy generated from the 187MWp Jacaranda solar energy plant in Juazeiro in the state of Bahia to power Dow’s Aratu Site.

The Jacaranda solar PV plant will have 450,000 bi-facial solar PV modules and will use a digital substation, a breakthrough innovation, first-of-its-kind in the Brazilian solar industry, introduced by Atlas Renewable Energy in 2019.

The project will generate energy equivalent to supply enough power to a city of +750,000 inhabitants and avoid the emissions of 35,000 metric tonnes of carbon per annum. This amount of avoided CO2 emission could be compared to removing 36,800 vehicles from the streets of Sàƒ£o Paulo.

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Atlas is expecting to hire 3 to 4 times more women than the female workforce usually hired during the construction of solar projects in Brazil.

In addition, the execution of the Jacarandàƒ¡ project is expected to have a maximum of 1,200 workers, of which 70% is expected to be from the local workforce.

The power purchase deal falls under efforts by Dow to reach its 2025 Sustainability goals which includes obtaining 750MW of its power demand from renewables by 2025.

Dow has plans to reduce its annual carbon emissions by 15% from 2020 to 2030, representing a reduction of 5 million tons of COin the next ten years.

Currently, Dow is the number one user of clean energy in the chemical industry and among the top 25 global corporations for renewable power use, according to the Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

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